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Dr. Sebi's Alkaline Electric
Dietary Program


The alkaline foods maintain our hormones and central nervous system in perfect working condition; alkaline foods are consistent with our cellular structure and that is of most importance. The body was not designed to get sick. There has been a violation that is costing us our life today, because of the violation we become stressed, extremely stressed, until we die.

Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are the main players in supporting life. Everything constructed by creation has the structure of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen and it is starch less, whatever substance that is created by the universe; is starchless. Anything that creation made is on the alkaline side; the molecular structure is complete; it was made by nature, everything that nature has, is not starch, everything that man-made has to have starch because Starch is a binder. It is a chemical. To tie two unequal chemicals, you have to use a starch. 

To understand nutrition one has to use only those substances that are electrical and the only substance on this planet that are electrical are the products that came of creation; our body is alkaline, meaning that if it's alkaline, its acid free.

While the Mayans, Incas and past black men only had alkalinity they did not have any problems the ones that we have today, in this “scientific world”. You are made of elements; take the time to learn the foods with high elements properties, in order to save your health and your body. The imbalances in hybrid foods can cause mineral deficiency (bone loss). Sugars in hybrid foods are not recognized by the digestive system (Pancreas and liver).

A natural plant sends its root into the ground about 7 inches and sometimes up to 200 feet into the ground. Natural plants convert rock mineral within the earth soil from solid state (rock) to a liquid digestible substance (plant). Unnatural plants cannot do this they can only send their roots 2 inches in deep, why? Because; they were made in a laboratory, making them incapable of absorbing minerals from the soil into liquid food, which the body needs to electrify and nourish. Man cannot play nature’s role! If nature didn’t make it, do not take it. Disease cannot exist in an alkaline body.

So once I was done with my research I determined that if your food doesn’t contain the necessary elements, then you have an acid substance, which is against life itself. Alkaline foods have a ph above 7 they contain all elements needed in the digestive process are perishable when removed from their habitat.

While staying at Usha Village you will be on Dr. Sebi alkaline diet. His knowledge has taught us that the human body is electric. In our body we have to maintain a ph balance of 7.1 or higher, which is considered alkaline. On his research he established the nutritional guide and cell food herb that supports the body’s natural ability to regenerate and heal.

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